Business Owners

The Challenging Spirit

Gripping achievement is not for the fainthearted, but the road less travelled reaps rewards for measured risk-takers.

An entrepreneurial journey of business growth is anything but a straight line. Bumps in the road manifest in many forms; weekends at the office, global financial crisis, missing your kid’s first football game, financing growth and managing people. It’s a delicate balance of sacrifice for success.

From humble beginnings, plans hatched around the kitchen table don’t often include a roadmap for multigenerational wealth. Succession, tax strategy, asset protection and wealth development are distant dilemmas. Setting oneself up for success is about planning for peace of mind, well before the battles occur.

This can be a lonely journey, and an objective confidante is hard to come by. For us, it’s about building real relationships that withstand the course of any curve-ball. Sharing in both life and business opportunities, we recognise risk and provide integrated advice on how you might reach the next level.

Our Clients’ Stories

Starting with a choice referral many years ago when I first decided to venture into business, the partners at Cameron Harrison have astutely guided and assisted me over what has been a rewarding and satisfying business journey. There is nothing needlessly gratuitous in their approach or advice – it is always highly considered and carefully thought-out. They perform various roles for me, from advice to comprehensively managing our passive wealth strategy.”
Building product wholesaler and client of Cameron Harrison
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I had come to realize that the Family Office I had established following the sale of our business interests had become wayward. I called upon my long-standing advisor and Partner at Cameron Harrison and he facilitated a Strategic Plan. The priorities became clear and we developed a plan to address the critical issues over an orderly time frame. Today I have in place the responsible structure for the ongoing management and oversight of our family’s wealth”
Chairman of Melbourne-based Family Office
and client of Cameron Harrison since 2013
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