Significant Wealth Owner Solutions

With significant wealth ownership comes complexity in your affairs. We are able to help simplify the complex.

You may be a business owner, family office or significant investor. Our planning and specialist advice can provide you and your advisers help to operate from both structurally and technically strong foundations.

Building on Solid Ground

Significant wealth, whether from your ongoing business activity or significant investments requires an articulated strategy to deliver on a family’s goals. Our team can advise you on your needs from business succession, enhancement and protection of wealth, philanthropic activities, and generation-to-generation planning. Ultimately, we seek through our planning process to simplify the complex.

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Risk focused Investment Strategy

Our private investment specialists can assist you in establishing your strategic asset allocation framework based on extensive understanding and examination of your risk tolerance and objections. With extensive understanding and experience in risk management, we are able to help families define investment strategy paths.

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FaBrs™ 15 factor framework

With a focus over 40 years of advising business owners and families on their complete risk activities across business, investments and lifestyle assets, our FaBrs™ 15 factor framework is borne out of this experience.  It is carefully systemised and modular in approach, which means it can assist you in specific or broader areas of complexity, from business activities to the invariable inter-relationship with family and wealth. Central to our approach and success is the intimate understanding we develop of our clients.

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Comprehensive Operational Oversight

A key element to operational success is being able to effectively and efficiently measure what you manage. Whether through our established reporting systems or individually designed client reporting, we are able to provide families the management information that provides the required connection and ability to assess their strategy. We help clients hold and invest across the globe, covering listed securities, collateral obligations, foreign exchange, credit securities, property holdings, alternative assets, options, and managed funds.

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