Cameron Harrison has advised private business owners and their families on their complex affairs and wealth for over 40 years. The FaBrs™ framework is our advice component designed to assist our clients in achieving their strategic purpose.

A Business Owner’s Story

Cameron Harrison helps guide business owners and families in their complete wealth strategy and helps by bringing order to complexity across their active risk and passive risk wealth.

In the following video, Paul Ashworth, our Managing Partner, provides an insightful overview of the FaBrs™ framework and how this framework has facilitated the orderly management of wealth for our business owner and significant wealth owner clients.  

What is the FaBrs framework?

FaBrs™ is a 15 factor framework equipped with functional tools and methods designed to assist business owners and families in achieving their strategic purpose, ensuring the presence of healthy “organs” to deliver and operate their strategic goals.

This guiding framework is borne from our 40-year journey of advising business owners and families on complex affairs and wealth for over 40 years. It is our business owner focus which underpins our expertise delivering unique, integrated solutions to clients.

FaBrs™ 15 Factor Framework operates across the functional areas of strategy, structure and conduct. The pathway for a client around the framework invariably differs in each case, as will the relevance of individual factors; arriving at the agreed scope is a highly considered process in its own right.  

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How does FaBrs™ benefit you?

FaBrs™ seeks to specifically assist clients who do or have operated and managed private businesses (active risk assets) in conjunction with passive wealth.

Consistently central to a business owner and families is the role and plan of the family group now and into the future. The first step is to help understand the relationship between the wealth “spheres” of active risk (business and projects) and passive risk (investments and lifestyle assets) and the elements within each and between them. 

Central to our approach and success is the intimate understanding we develop of our clients.

Assistance on identifying and prioristing complex issues around

– Multitude of risk activities across business, projects, philanthropy, lifestyle and passive assets 

– Family involvements 

– Intergenerational wealth transfer 

Access to an integrated framework on a needs basis

– Can access the complete 15 factor framework or operate a prioritised approach addressing a few issues over a longer time period

40 years of expertise

The surety that we are beside you with our 40 years of ‘honed’ skills and experience.

Defined objectives and process

Our service is driven by clear and well-articulated scopes with defined objectives and process.  Our thinking and expertise is concise, memorable, and most importantly, actionable & accountable. 

Outline the FaBrs™ Framework

We will invite you, typically the business owner, chairperson, lead director, or strategic head(s) of the family, to meet and discuss your thoughts, issues, and general objectives. We would outline the FaBrs™ Framework and its possible relevance to your needs and circumstances. This will allow us to consider and initially frame a recommended approach.

Relationship led by a Partner

A FaBrs™ relationship is led by a Partner in a team structure, together with a director or manager, assisted as required by an analyst. The benefits of this team structure are:

– Long term continuity of relationship

– Engagement efficiency: the right level of skill performs the work, ensuring advice delivery to time and cost efficiency.

Initial recommended approach

The initial frame for a recommended approach would be considered and drafted. This would outline an initial view on the relevance of the FaBrs™ Framework, relevant framework factors, approach to each, time, plan, outcomes, and likely costs.

Understanding and agreeing an initial scope

Whilst the approach modulates and priorities can alter, understanding and agreeing this initial scope is vital to establish an initial “foundation stone”.

Our method

The methods we employ are various, covering formal planning, one-on-one interviews, workshops, testing, surveys, and benchmarking.

Documented outcomes in an Actionable Form

Our outcomes are documented, and most importantly, are put into an easily understood and actionable form. This is your process, and it is important that outcomes are led by you with professional advice as required.

Meet our Partners

Paul Ashworth, Managing Partner     

Anne-Marie Tassoni, Partner             

David Clark, Partner                        

Tristan Bowman, Partner                   

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