A Desire To Benefit

It is people who bring Not-for-Profit organisations into existence because they seek and are passionate to create and deliver a benefit to the community. People are undoubtedly at the core of the ongoing success of such organisations. The particular benefit can be wide-ranging from medical, community, arts, education, environment or political. Certainly, at a governance level, such organisations are operated through self-less, volunteered contribution and effort. To ensure success, Not-for-Profits need to draw on and utilise the same elements that drive any organisational success. The reward for getting it right is of course the ongoing particular benefit that the organisation can provide, based on its stated purpose and identified stakeholders.

To have financial stability as a Not-for-Profit organisation is important to be able to reliably provide the benefits that it has been established for. Cameron Harrison deeply understands the foundation elements that underpin financial performance, stability and stewardship, and helps organisations in the ongoing management and achievement of financial stability.

Our Clients’ Stories

Our investment committee was referred to Cameron Harrison based on their planning, bespoke investment solutions, risk management and detailed reporting. We had a significant mandate with a global asset consulting firm, which had really only given us basic, one-dimensional portfolio management. With Cameron Harrison's assistance and guidance, we now operate with multiple defined risk mandates which integrate into our national funding strategy for research and community funding.”
Chairman, Investment Committee
Nationally operated community services and medical research organisation
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