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Paul Ashworth, Managing Partner Anne-Marie Tassoni, Partner Tristan Bowman, Director

To effectively assist organisations we feel that we must first have an in-depth of understanding of their strategic purpose, goals and challenges. To do otherwise would be short-sighted and operate in a vacuum. It is non-negotiable for us.
Posted 12 May 2022

National Community Services Organisation

With a significant national 'footprint' in operating community services support and medical research, the foundation's investment committee realised they needed assistance to co-ordinate and integrate their investment strategy approach and management with the organisation’s overall strategy goals. They were referred to Cameron Harrison.

We spent some months working with the investment committee to produce an operating framework that allows the committee to dynamically oversee and have proper control over the external management of investments.

We established various risk pools which are linked to the organisations various funding strategies and cash flow requirements. It demonstrates the need and desirability for depth of understanding in the organisation's requirements in order to more purposefully implement their investment strategy.

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