Investment Solutions

Cameron Harrison has the depth of experience and expertise in asset allocation and investments which provides the necessary support to help you make your investment planning stress-free and give you the required control of your investments.

Our Investment Management specialists provide integrated strategic and technical solutions across asset allocation strategies, single asset classes, investment selection, risk management, portfolio construction, administration, custody, and operations.

Investment Services
Strategy Planning & Formulation

Working with you we will agree on your tailored portfolio solution which best incorporates your needs and requirements. Whether your portfolio strategy is a single asset class strategy, a bespoke asset allocation strategy or one of our multi-asset class strategies, it is a highly considered process designed to ensure you arrive at your strategy position, having considered and defined your purpose and critical path. It is a process which provides you with the level of control of your investment strategy and decisions that you seek.

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Asset Allocation Advice

Our asset allocation advice seeks to carefully align wealth and investment strategy objectives with achieving balance in the delivery of real growth in income and capital. Depending on your risk view, investment horizon and specific factors such as volatility, currency, inflation and specific funding requirements, we can provide either our core spectrum of asset allocations or our investment specialists can create a bespoke asset allocation or you can access our single asset class strategies.

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Portfolio Risk Analysis

Risk is multi-faceted, layered and angled, and gives rise to positive and negative variability. Specific factors may be foreseen or unforeseen, but understanding the nature, degrees and impact on you of this variability is hugely beneficial in setting a strategy and then reviewing it on an ongoing basis.  

We utilise our proprietary risk analysis simulation program to assist you in understanding the dynamics and variability of risk based on your desired objectives and outcomes, applied to your investment capital circumstances. 

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Portfolio Performance Analysis

We will provide detailed performance analysis at regular intervals based on your specific requirements. Understanding strategy performance regularly is important in order for you to assess strategy and ensure it is appropriate to achieve your ongoing objectives. We operate various investment performance & attribution reporting options. This will allow you to ‘drill down’ to that level of information which satisfies your governance and accountability requirements.

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Investment Policy Formulation

In assisting you in the formulation of your Investment Policy, we will help you to gain a clear understanding of how you can invest to achieve your stated goals and objectives (refer to Wealth Planning). It will provide the individual policy template and parameters for the specific management of your investments in order to achieve the desired risk-adjusted returns. Whether you are family investors, significant wealth owners or a not-for-profit organisation, the process of investment policy formulation and then setting it, is an important component of effective investment governance, accountability and risk management.

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Client Governance

Client Governance is the basis by which owners and controllers of wealth define the relationships between themselves, their advisers, investment managers, a board of directors, an investment committee and other stakeholders. A defined governance framework provides the structure through which your objectives are set, and the means of attaining those objectives and monitoring performance are determined.

Each client has their own needs and requirements for governance. A not-for-profit organisation may operate both a board and an investment committee, and is itself accountable to multiple stakeholders.  A family investor will typically have few or no external stakeholders. Whilst the specific client governance solution will differ between client types, the governance objective is the same.

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Wealth Advice Integration

We provide you with the ability to have your wealth strategy integrated and overseen by our experts.  Whether we are providing expert advice or management or other advisers such as lawyers, and accountants are part of the plan delivery, we will oversee and bring the various components together to ensure efficient, timely and effective implementation. Importantly, we ensure the plan and project elements do not get missed.

This is done through our three-way process of planning expertise, project management and our unique three-person client management team.

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Single-asset Class Strategies

Our in-house research team applies our long-standing approach to investment selection, in turn delivering the best opportunities into our Australian and Global Equity portfolios. We are benchmark agnostic and advocates of the significant risk management benefits of equally weighting each investment. Each company investment is scrutinised against our rigorous 10-factors assessment, designed to yield superior risk-adjusted returns.

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Fixed Income

Our interest-bearing strategies invest in quality securities across government, semi-government and corporate issuers. Our expertise in analysis across debt arrangement, economics, corporate structure and performance allows us to operate across a broad spectrum of debt securities. This solution offers diversified exposure and a stable capital source of income.

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Property & Real Assets

To invest in real estate and other assets such as infrastructure allows you both protection from inflation and returns which compliment a generally low correlation with equity markets. Our property and real asset investments are carefully selected to produce strategies which deliver you stable real returns and cash flow.

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Treasury Management

If selling your business or simply requiring the management of significant cash over a short to medium period (whilst you settle your longer-term plans), we operate and facilitate a treasury management function to optimally manage cash. This sees funds managed for optimal yield, strictly defined risk features and liquidity parameters.

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Private Investments

There exist opportunities from time to time in private investment markets. This could be in private equity, debt & credit, property or infrastructure-related sectors. Normally subject to liquidity constraints because these investments are not listed or traded on exchanges, their suitability is for those seeking longer duration with higher returns and capacity for higher risk. If after having undertaken our analytical and strategy review and due diligence process, we will provide access to appropriately qualified clients.

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Multi-asset Class Strategies
Operational Solutions
Complete Custody Solutions

Through our custodian, your assets are able to be securely held. This allows you to hold assets across financial assets, real estate, currencies and private investments. The benefit is a central holding of your wealth, which facilitates administration, reporting and compliance.

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Administration & Reporting

Feel reassured about receiving timely and relevant information. Daily portfolio updates, monthly strategy and performance reporting give our clients confidence in their steering team. Carefully monitoring progress, your watchful partner-led trio team is a blend of experts with a unique collection of skills and experience.

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Investment Risk Management

Managing risk is a 24/7 business, and our team are alert and watchful to the changing tides, overseeing the defined and specific parameters of our investment mandate with you. This reward is beyond a financial return, giving you time to focus on what’s important; life, family and work.

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Managed Accounts

Managing portfolios and investments requires an obsession with the detail. On a discretionary basis, we manage our clients’ tailored selection of multi and single asset class strategies. You are assured knowing that your portfolio is being managed and monitored in real time. Naturally, we take care of everything from portfolio administration and reporting to global asset custody.

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The management of individual superannuation funds in alignment with your overall wealth and investment strategy. For our Wealth Planning clients, this includes tailored advice and ongoing management across all aspects and detail.

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