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To be a good adviser, you need to be a good listener. As your trusted partners, we provide personal guidance to inform your own decisions.

We are Melbourne-based specialists in asset management and wealth advice. It’s been 50 years of navigating journeys with business owners, individuals and families. We believe this tenure is a quiet reflection of our clients' achievements, in that we feel we are in this journey together to protect and grow wealth.

Like the families we serve, we are one ourselves, as strategists and intergenerational thinkers, continuity means everything to us and our clients. As a self-owned partnership, we are in it for the long game. This gives us the power to provide independent objectivity.

Knowledge is nothing without understanding – we believe in gaining deep insights into the subtleties of all clients' ages and stages of life. It’s about a peace of mind investment journey, through which we help guide your investments, business endeavours and long-term legacy.

Melbourne-based investor walking with peace of mind in his investments, business endeavours and long-term legacy

Our People

Our People. Our best investment.

Cameron Harrison isn’t Australia’s largest or most well-known wealth management firm. We like it this way.

As a client, you’ll get to know the same three people assigned to your portfolio rather well. Most importantly, they will get to know you. Every one of our clients has a dedicated investment team made up of complementary skills.

We have an obsession with the detail without apology, it’s what makes us different. In a quiet way, building trust and confidence is about attending to the detail. Over time this creates quality peace of mind investments, clients and friends.

Grey hair has value here, we photograph better in black and white.

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