For over 50 years, Cameron Harrison has been navigating journeys for private investors and families with significant wealth to help their businesses succeed, and their wealth grow and be protected now and for future generations.

About Cameron Harrison

Knowledge is nothing without understanding.

As your trusted partners, we provide personal guidance to inform your own decisions so that you can take control of your wealth. It’s been 50 years of independently navigating journeys with our clients.

Gaining deep insights into our clients is what allows us to deliver integrated wealth solutions for our clients across investments, business endeavours and long-term legacy.

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Our Clients

Business Owners
An entrepreneurial journey is rarely a straight path. We guide and assist business owners in simplifying the complex.
Families are a unique set of related individuals with varied viewpoints. We have deep understanding and experience of family dynamics to help guide you.
Organisations that seek to benefit the community through benevolence and selflessness, have unique organisational DNA. We can also assist in achieving financial stability.
Whether climbing the mountain to achieve your wealth goals or coming down having achieved your wealth objective, we will expertly assist you in your individual journey.