“What I love about communication is that it empowers people to tell their stories. Working at Cameron Harrison and being able to connect with our clients along their journeys and delivering meaningful messages, gives me great pleasure.”
Vanesa Sullivan
Marketing Specialist

Vanesa started her career in Marketing & Communication while she was a full-time student back in her home country, Argentina. Marketing was always her chosen path. After many years in the corporate world, she decided to build her own business to be able to travel around the world. That dream became a reality when she moved to Australia in 2019.

Throughout her life and work experiences, Vanesa has been able to improve her communication knowledge and her adaptability to different work environments working in fashion, marketing & media, and as an entrepreneur.

Vanesa brings creative thinking and a great appetite for self-development. Driven by her passion and curiosity, Vanesa is always looking for new ways to challenge herself and find different ways to connect with our clients’ journeys.