Wealth Planning and Advice

Our clients have a breadth and depth of expertise; they are very capable of understanding what’s important to their wealth journey. Our role is to help guide them in this process, analysing complex factors and crafting a bespoke strategy that can be actioned, managed and delivered. This is in line with a plan to reach their personal goals in life, business and wealth.

Private wealth management and advice is about providing integrated strategic and technical solutions across investment management, tax strategy, asset protection, wealth planning, estate planning, philanthropy and multigenerational wealth transmission. It’s an integrated approach unique to our Journey Mapping process.

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Key Activities

Wealth and Retirement Goal Planning

A peace of mind partnership is about working together to identify your personal wealth goals, needs and risks. Together, we will prioritise your critical factors and devise a clear and actionable route-map towards achieving your goals. The plan of action can include consideration of investments, asset and liability review, superannuation, multigenerational considerations, tax, asset protection and risk analysis.

Managed Accounts

Managing portfolios and investments requires an obsession with the detail. On a discretionary basis, we manage our clients’ tailored selection of multi and single asset class strategies. You are assured knowing that your portfolio is being managed and monitored real time. Naturally, we take care of everything from portfolio administration and reporting to global asset custody.


The management of individual superannuation funds in alignment with your overall wealth and investment strategy. For our Wealth Planning clients, this includes tailored advice and ongoing management across all aspects and detail.

Portfolio Strategies and Design

Understanding who you are, and your wealth aspirations, is the foundation for how we shape a personal portfolio plan. Our experienced investment specialists create a tailored investment strategy that aligns with your needs, goals and risk tolerance.

Tax Management

Being tax effective is not simply about minimising, but rather optimising tax outcomes within your entire private wealth and business framework. As part of an integrated strategy, our advice on tax-related issues is guided by your strategic goals for investment, business and family.

Asset and Wealth Protection

Retrospective regrets are best avoided with peace of mind plans. For decades, we have guided families and business owners through these challenges. This depth of knowledge and experience aids in developing strategies to best protect and manage your assets and wealth from commercial and other risks.

Estate Planning and Multigenerational Wealth Transmission

Family wealth planning and its transmission is host to an interplay of generations, intentions and personal goals. We understand that managing these complex and intertwined dynamics takes a unique combination of empathy and experience. Working together, we can advise on the orderly transfer of multigenerational wealth and estate planning frameworks.


In your wealth and business journey, unexpected financial and life risks take various forms. When left unattended they can be detrimental to your long-term strategy. Through our risk planning process, we assist you to understand, quantify and take actions in mitigating these risks.

Estate Administration

You want your estate and testamentary structure to be administered and implemented seamlessly and consistently with your instructions and intent. Our specialists have significant experience assisting and advising executors and trustees on legal, taxation, trustee duties, administration and family governance.

Personal Care Administration

To have peace of mind that your affairs are comprehensively handled, perhaps when you do not have the capacity or capability. We attend to all aspects of bill payments through to complete oversight and management of your affairs. We assure you that we will conduct proper independent management of all your affairs.

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