Specialist Advice and Consulting

Banks and insurers love to sell peace of mind. We believe that true peace of mind comes from knowing your own mind.

Our peace of mind planning process is about devising a bespoke strategy for you and your needs. While we facilitate the planning and implement the process, the plan is yours, for your journey.

Specialist Advice and Consulting provides integrated strategic and technical advice across business, succession and project planning, risk management, governance and philanthropic endeavours.

Tight-rope investing is not for us. Our feet are firmly on the ground, it’s reassuringly unexciting.

Key Activities

Business Owner Planning

Owning and managing a business can be complex. Our collaborative planning process aids in devising strategies around areas such as ownership structure, extracting capital to build personal wealth and planning for retirement – the focus is the business owner themselves.

Succession and Business Transition Planning

Leaving a lasting legacy is not just about business ownership, but planning for succession. We advise on exit strategies relevant to your circumstances, whether that be selling a business, management acquisition or generational transfer of ownership.

Asset and Wealth Protection

Retrospective regrets are best avoided with peace of mind plans. For decades, we have guided families and business owners through these challenges. This depth of knowledge and experience aids in developing strategies to best protect and manage your assets and wealth from commercial and other risks.

Taxation Structuring

Being tax effective is not simply about minimising, but rather optimising tax outcomes within your entire private wealth and business framework. As part of an integrated strategy, our advice on tax-related issues is guided by your strategic goals for investment, business and family.

Business Transactions and Structuring

With your business strategy in place, you may need to embark on various forms of corporate activity. By your side, we assist with the analysis and direction you can take across business structure, combinations, divestment, equity and debt, related tax strategy, people incentives and employment agreements. This is streamlined logistics to support your strategy implementation.

Project Planning, Financing and Management

Planning around a specific project, venture, acquisition or disposal you or your business may wish to undertake may be difficult depending on available resources and skills. Our analytical skills and frameworks can provide you with that necessary independent assessment, overview and support.

Funding Solutions

Turning your feasibility analysis into a living project or transaction invariably requires a funding solution. There are varying alternatives across the funding spectrum which we advise on and assist in order to arrive at the appropriate solution for you.

Business and Commercial Risk Management

Evaluating risks and developing management strategies to protect the business and its owners. Effective risk management need not be cumbersome or a burden, but a core understanding and plan to address key risks that may adversely harm your business.

People Management

Success in business goes ‘hand-in-glove’ with the effectiveness of people. We have significant experience and expertise in advising firms and business owners on people management strategy, systems and the elements that drive business success.

Family Office and Corporate Governance Advisory

Managing substantial wealth, whether for a family group or business owner, requires attention to detail, understanding of core values and clear strategic purpose. Our partners are experienced specialists in helping families manage and succeed in the transition to a family governance structure specific to their circumstances and dynamics. We help simplify the complex.

Philanthropic and Not-for-profit Strategies

A passion to succeed is often matched by a desire to directly benefit various parts of society. Our specialists advise on establishing your philanthropic strategy and optimal means to direct income and capital to your charitable purposes.

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