A Complex Journey

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Paul Ashworth, Managing Partner
Anne-Marie Tassoni, Partner
Tristan Bowman,  Manager

Posted 15 October 18

Success comes with sacrifice. Weekends at the office, missing family milestone events, financing growth perhaps in the midst of a global financial crisis. It’s a balancing act, and the journey is anything but a straight line. Putting yourself on the line every day and building a business is not for the faint-hearted. It’s a lonely journey, and wise confidantes are hard to come by. Complex topics such as succession, tax strategy, asset protection and wealth development are all twists in the journey towards financial peace of mind.

“Starting with a choice referral many years ago when I first decided to venture into business, the partners at Cameron Harrison have astutely guided and assisted me over what has been a rewarding and satisfying business journey. There is nothing needlessly gratuitous in their approach or advice – it is always highly considered and carefully thought-out. They perform various roles for me, from advice to comprehensively managing our passive wealth strategy.”

–Rob, building product wholesaler and client of Cameron Harrison

Rob, a successful innovator in the building and construction sector well ahead of his time, first entered into the business 35 years ago. He became the master in his product category, and over time, has surrounded himself with the appropriate skill sets and advisers, growing from humble roots.

He needed financial advisers to support his ambitions recommending sound strategies and structures to protect and build his passive wealth. With the careful transfer of his hard-earned business profits, Rob has established a long-term wealth accumulation roadmap.

Cameron Harrison’s Journey Mapping Process
During Rob’s 35-year journey, our specialists Cameron Harrison have helped navigate, steward and help build his wealth – which is substantial – going well beyond his primary goal of a sufficient retirement pool.

Unique tools which deliver Peace of Mind
Recognising the strategic benefit of accumulating wealth independent of risk has been at the core of our advice to business owners for many decades. Ensuring active and passive wealth pools integrate with each other is essential to achieve overall financial success.

Over time, we have honed a unique set of tools to help guide clients on their journey. It’s a three-pronged approach: tax effectiveness, asset protection and the sound economic management of capital.

Active Assets and Passive Assets

Diagram showing Active Assets and Passive Assets

Cared for by Cameron Harrison
As an early supporter, Rob adopted our approach, understanding its long-term benefits. He and his family now enjoy the security of knowing their wealth is safe and will be cared for by Cameron Harrison in the years to come.