Cameron Harrison's Investment Performance to 31 December 2021

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Cameron Harrison's Investment Performance to 31 December 2021


Paul Ashworth, Managing Partner
Anne-Marie Tassoni, Partner
David Clark, Partner
Tristan Bowman, Director

Posted 13 January 22

A summary of investment performance for the year ending 31 December 2021.

Investment performance to 31 December 2021

Cameron Harrison is pleased to provide a summary of investment performance for the year ending 31 December 2021. This covers both our multi-asset allocation strategies and individual asset class strategies. The results reflect strong performance across all investment timeframes from short-term (12 months) and long-term (3 years and 5 years).  

As private investment managers to families, business owners and not-for-profit institutions, our investment management team have a performance track record that spans over 21 years; a unique position in wealth management in Australia. This demonstrated performance track record underscores Cameron Harrison’s core value set of transparency and accountability.   

Multi-Asset Class Strategies 

Our multi-asset class strategies operate with varying levels of market risk by combining various levels of exposure to individual asset classes. For example, our Core Dynamic strategy currently has 57% exposure to market risk assets (Australian Equities, Global Equities and Property) and 43% to low market risk (Interest Bearing Income, Currency and Cash). This strategy is dynamically adjusted to our forward balance of risks program. As tabled below, the performance of the Core Dynamic strategy is a leader for its risk profile over 12 months, 3 years and 5 years.  

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Single Asset Class Strategies 

Cameron Harrison manages individual asset class strategies. Given our leading multi asset class investment performance, the individual asset allocation strategies have demonstrated similarly strong, consistent performance with robust risk management.  

All individual asset classes outperformed their benchmark, but there were some notable performances. Both our Listed Property strategy and Interest Bearing Income strategy strongly outperformed their respective benchmarks. It must also be noted that the Global Equity Strategy achieved outstanding performance and a return of 30% for the year and 23% per annum over the last 3 years. The Global Equity strategy continues to invest in high quality businesses focussed on management excellence, engaging technology to drive productivity and in the process, sustained and growing profits. Technology in itself, as a popular theme by which to invest, is not a feature of our investment management process and achieving sustained risk adjusted returns. 

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Peace of Mind Investing

Cameron Harrison have been advising business owners and their families on asset allocation and intergenerational wealth management for over 50 years. We have demonstrated over a long period our ability to manage investments through both the good times and bad by keeping the client at the centre of our business. 

For more information on our approach to investment strategy or any other inquiries, please contact us on +613 9655 5000.