The Dilemma of Legacy

retired business owner and partner have the assurance of leaving behind an enduring legacy for generations to come


Paul Ashworth, Managing Partner
Anne-Marie Tassoni, Partner
Tristan Bowman,  Manager

Posted 23 November 18

Blood is thicker than water, and money is thicker than both. Families are a collective of related but diverse individuals with their own motivations.  Navigating the journey of transferring family wealth is no easy task. 

“The advice, oversight and counsel I have received from Cameron Harrison over many, many years has been nothing short of professional and prudent. Their advice has always been wise, expert, well considered and with my best interests in mind. Of paramount importance to me is that all my wealth is properly integrated and managed, and the stewardship provided by Cameron Harrison gives me complete confidence and comfort that this will continue for my family after I have passed.”

– Retired business owner/Commercial Property owner and client of Cameron Harrison

As specialist advisers we’ve been at this for 50 years, walking alongside our clients in their respective journeys, which are all so different. We avoid labelling ourselves in this role. We are something between lawyers, accountants, and wise old uncles reading the circumstances and potential changes which will inevitably occur inside any family.

Peter’s Wealth Journey
Peter, a retired business owner, built, successfully managed and sold his family’s Australian apparel business that he had operated for over 40 years.

Having realised considerable wealth following the sale of his business, Peter then shifted his focus to the responsible management of his funds to provide a growing passive income stream for his family. Naturally, with the amount of wealth involved, asset protection was vital.

The sale of his family’s business enabled Peter to enter an active post-retirement, where he has embarked on a range of investment endeavours across private business and property development.

Cameron Harrison’s Journey Mapping Process
Peter’s journey with Cameron Harrison over the past 30 years has seen him become a diversified investor of significant wealth. Our specialists manage his family’s active business interests and passive investments with an integrated, forward-looking focus to optimise return on investment. Our Journey Mapping Process has ensured that the growth of Peter’s substantial family wealth has been meticulously planned for the next generation and beyond.

A Full Suite of Services
As long-time trusted advisers to Peter, Cameron Harrison plays a vital role in the stewardship of his property development ventures including the management, counsel, financial assessment, and successful realisation of these projects. 

Through the course of Peter’s journey with us, we have provided the following full suite of services:

Diagram showing Through the course of Peter’s journey with us, we have provided the following full suite of services:

Peace of Mind and Intergenerational Wealth
Through Cameron Harrison’s “Intergenerational Wealth Planning Framework”, Peter has secured peace of mind for himself and his family. Through the astute management of his investments, Peter now has the assurance of leaving behind an enduring legacy for his family and the generations to come.

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