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Cameron Harrison has earned our highly regarded reputation by providing strategic advice that generates successful outcomes and fosters long-standing, trusted relationships.

Integrated Wealth Strategy for an Enduring Legacy

“All my wealth is properly integrated and managed, and the stewardship provided by Cameron Harrison gives me complete confidence and comfort that this will continue for my family after I have passed.”

Your legacy isn’t just about managing passive wealth once you enter your golden years. Many entrepreneurs remain very active post-retirement – providing the skills, knowledge and capital developed over a life time to the next generation of entrepreneurs. With the help and guidance of a trusted advisor and client management team for over 30 years, our client has the peace of mind that his legacy will endure for future generations to come.
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Business Succession Transition

“Their ability to integrate and advise on both business and my family’s passive wealth affairs is invaluable to me”

The transition away from a business can be overwhelming for the business’ owner. Changing focus from building a business to building a life after retirement can be challenging, even for those prepared to start the next phase in life. With the help of an experienced client service team, our client was able to bring their personal and business affairs into a cohesive, strategic transition plan that delivers peace of mind.
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Success Driven by Dynamic Strategy

“The partners and team at Cameron Harrison have a unique understanding of business owner DNA”

Successful business owners have unique drive and determination; they see opportunity in disruption and have the ability to adapt and succeed where big business can’t. They also know that the calculated planning required to grow and remain nimble needs specialist advice; not just for their active business interests but their passive investments as well. With the assistance of an integrated client service team, our client was able to seamlessly carry out their strategic plan and achieve peace of mind and still drive success.
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Strategic Advice & Investment Management
… A Whole Business Life Cycle

“When I first decided to venture into business, the partners at Cameron Harrison have astutely guided and assisted me over what has been a rewarding and satisfying business journey.”

Business owners put their livelihood into building and maintaining their businesses. So the wealth the business generates requires specialist advice, not just for the active business interests but the passive and lifestyle investments as well. With the assistance of an expert client service team, our client was able to seamlessly blend their business wealth and achieve peace of mind in their post business passive investment pool.
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Supporting an Executive through to CEO and Beyond

“We as clients all get older, but Cameron Harrison provides me with the dynamic people to guide and assist me for a long time to come.”

The career progression of a CEO doesn’t end once  they have reached the corner office. The transition and readjustment to post-Executive life commands equally as much focus, determination and planning as the road to the top. Similarly, the trusted counsel and advisors that assisted along the way need to be able to provide dependable service to see them through a second career of non-executive director appointments. With the continuous support of a client management team, our client was able to have the peace of mind to realise his long term objectives.
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