Asset Management

Cameron Harrison's Asset Management process is the culmination of decades of investment experience in financial markets.

Cameron Harrison Asset Management’s (CHAM) long-standing investment strategies take the stress out of your investment by targeting meaningful and sustainable long term returns, underpinned by our core purpose to deliver ‘investment peace of mind’.

We provide direct invested portfolios for wholesale investors, individuals and families, financial intermediaries and institutional investors, devoting the time and in-depth company research so you don’t have to. We aim to generate sustainable, long-term returns with low risk attributes by only targeting businesses we truly understand and are proud to own. Investors can be confident that, while the world constantly changes, the Cameron Harrison investment team retains its strategic, planned and considered approach.

We are driven by excellence, distinguished by independent thought and dedicated to client success.

Who We Are

Cameron Harrison is a truly independent, Melbourne based asset management firm. Our investment managers are well-resourced, dedicated and incredibly skilled – as demonstrated of our portfolio managers 20 years of investment performance.

Our team has used this time and experience to develop an exceptional Investment Process by analysing the common traits of successful businesses. This Process gives our portfolio managers a consistent, robust and repeatable method for identifying the best investment opportunities.

How It’s Done

Our investment strategies are offered through managed mandate, selected platforms, or individually defined and scoped mandates. We employ an integrated investment process, ensuring analysis and information are properly looped into our investment programs and follow stated objectives. Our quality system and continuous improvement program permeates all investment management activities.

For further details please contact us or see our ‘How to Invest’ page.

Continuous improvement and quality control INVESTMENT OBJECTIVE
  • 1. Portfolio design
  • 2. Investment/company
  • 3. Research and
  • 4. Portfolio
    analysis and
    risk assessment
INVESTMENT BOARD Meets Semi-Annually
  • 1. Long term
    trends - economic
    & markets
  • 2. Strategic asset
  • 1. Tactical asset allocation
  • 2. Asset class model
    review and ratification

Peace of Mind

Our significant experience in advising and helping clients manage
these matters, often with much complexity, is fundamental to our
clients being able to achieve ‘peace of mind’.

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